It's perfect weather and river conditions for tubing.!

kayaking and paddle boarding

Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are another great way to enjoy the river.  Our kayaks are very stable and maneuverable and  the thick floor keeps you higher and dryer than a tube.  The 2 person option allows you to float as a couple or bring smaller children.  We have youth boats for the 7-12 year old thrill seekers.  Kayaks are great in May and June when the weather is great but the river is still too chilly to float on a tube.  The river adds a new element to paddle boarding, the constant movement of the water is always presenting new challenges to your balance.  If you're new, be prepared to get wet!  Like kayaks, we have one and two person boards and youth boards.  Wet suits and booties are included in your rental so you'll stay a little warmer if you take a swim!  Dogs are allowed on the kayaks and boards.  


1 person, 2 person, and youth kayaks or paddle boards

Shuttle included for the 2 & 4 mile float

Equipment is available TO GO for Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake, or other sections of the river.

Experience recommended.

Life vests included.  Wet suits and booties are included for the chilly days.

Guided trip with instruction

Our guided trip with instruction is primarily for beginners.  We'll cover river safety during the entire trip along with paddling technique, balance, tipping over and getting back on,  we will start to play with changes in current, "reading" the water, and moving actively with your kayak.   The lesson is approximately 2-3 hours.  Wet suits and booties included.

Kayak and paddle board Rental Pricing

2 Mile

Monday  - Friday

Adult 13+                       $30

Youth 12 Under          $20

Tandem                            $50

Saturday - Sunday

Adult 13+                       $40

Youth 12 Under          $30

Tandem                            $60

4 Mile Closed for the season due to low water.

Monday  - Friday

Adult 13+                       $40

Youth 12 Under          $30

Tandem                            $60

Saturday - Sunday

Adult 13+                       $50

Youth 12 Under          $40

Tandem                            $85

Prices and services are subject to change, WA sales tax , taxes & fees not included.

Guided trip with instruction

We'll cover river safety, paddling technique, falling off and getting back on, balance, moving with your board or kayak, reading the river, and more.   Sometimes we even get a little surfing!

Wet suits and booties included for the chilly days.

Our guide floats with you for the whole trip, providing safety, instruction, and local knowledge.

Allow for about 3 hours from check in to check out.


Single Kayak or board 13 years and older                           $60

Single Kayak or board youth 7-12 years old                      $50

Tandem Kayak 13 and older   (no boards)                         $100

Tandem Kayak adult & youth  (no boards)                           $85