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River Clean Up Events

Wenatchee & Icicle River Clean Up

Every year during the peak months of summer thousands of visitors are drawn to the quaint bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington to experience all of its beauty.  With temperatures peaking near 100 degrees at times, it is to no surprise that tourists want to jump into the river to cool off!

Without a doubt, there are the unfortunates of regrettable amounts of waste that accumulate in our river bottoms and shores from the thousands of beverages that are consumed on and near our waters.  

The rivers through Leavenworth are home to salmon and are their spawning grounds, and are also a viable resource to the local community. We must be diligent and educate our clientele how to adequately pack for their float trips, and to provide the necessary resources for proper disposal at all our guest check points.

As part of our commitment to “leave no trace” and to protect our rivers and mountains we organize two (2) events annually that are open to the public to join us in sweeping the waters and shores to clean up any waste left behind.  

It is part of our company mission to leave no trace in which we are dedicated to ongoing parking lot clean up and recycling for not only our guests, but the community and those it serves as well. 

To find out more about our upcoming clean ups, check back on our events page & follow us on Facebook.