lets go tubing!


Fun for the whole family, even the dog!

Enjoy a lazy gentle river tube float around the golf course and along downtown Leavenworth.  Great for all ages, even the little ones.  Each one of you gets your own tube and you can clip together or be independent.  Frisbee paddles and life vests are included.  We offer cooler tubes and dog tubes too.

This part of the river is very mellow and easy to navigate.  No rapids, occasional faster spots, some deep spots, some shallows.  There are great beaches to stop, relax, play, and have a picnic.  You can even dive for golf balls or body float the fast spots.

Trip Duration:  Many factors affect how long you'll be here.  Float time is how long you can expect to be on the water.  Other factors are finding parking,  check in time, getting dressed, the van ride to the starting point, and rinsing off when you're done.  We choose a launch point based on the flow and the date and time  of day.  Typically, float time is 2 -3 hours plus about an hour for everything else.  We'll have the current float times and trip options posted at check in for the day.

Full Service

  • We'll provide the transportation from our downtown office to the launch point. 
  • Relax in one of our hammock seated tubes with back rests. Tubes also have mesh bottoms and pockets
  • We'll provide life jackets, paddles.
  • Cooler Tubes, Coolers, and Dog Tubes also available for rental
  • Wet suits and booties are available if you need them.
  • Free hotel shuttle service within the downtown area, East Leavenworth Road, and Icicle Road out to  Icicle RV.

Schedule a Trip

Tubing is fun and very popular and fills up fast.  We recommend you make reservations, even same day.  Simply click on the book now button and choose your date and activity.  Full payment is required when making your reservation.

Rental Pricing

2 Mile August & September

Monday  - Friday

Adult 13+                       $25

Youth 12 Under          $15

Cooler Tube                   $12

Saturday - Sunday

Adult 13+                       $28

Youth 12 Under          $18

Cooler Tube                  $12

4 Mile June & July

Monday  - Friday

Adult 13+                       $28

Youth 12 Under          $18

Cooler Tube                  $12

Saturday - Sunday

Adult 13+                       $30

Youth 12 Under          $20

Cooler Tube                     $12

Prices and services are subject to change, WA sales tax , taxes & fees not included.


River map

Two routes: 2 mile or 4 depending on the season

During May and June the river is faster and the weather is a little cooler.  We float the 4 mile section in rafts, kayaks, and paddle boards.  Wetsuits are provided free of charge.  Tubing is mid June - September

Mid June we add tubing and are usually still doing the 4 mile route, but we start offering the 2 mile in the afternoons.

August and September the river is lower and slower and the Icicle River  (4 mile route) is too low to float.